Web interface

Karaoke Mugen has two different web interfaces depending on your role.

Public interface

Log in

To use Karaoke Mugen, you'll need an account.

Each account is stored on the computer running the karaoke instance. You can also use an online account (ending in @kara.moe for example.)

  • If you have an account you can enter your login and password.
  • If you do not have an account yet, you can :
    • Contiune as guest. A random account will be assigned to you during your Karaoke Mugen session. You can't modify your profile or name or have a favorites list.
    • Create an account. It only takes a few seconds as you only need a login and password. Your display name will be the same as your login by default, but you can change it anytime.

Once logged in as a normal user, you can click on the menu icon to go to your profile and change your nickname.

Every song added will have the nickname of the use who requested it at the time of request. Changing nicknames won't affect already added songs.

Song request quotas

In its default configuration, Karaoke Mugen allows people to add about 10000 songs each. However, you'll surely want to configure that in the options screen. Your song request quota is displayed in the lower part of the screen.

  • When you add a song, your quota is reduced by 1.
  • When your song is being played on screen, your quota regains 1 point.
  • If your karaoke is in public mode, users can like the songs they enjoy the most. If your song gets enough likes it is considered free, and makes you gain one more point.

Quota can be time-based instead of song-based, meaning you can't add long songs until your quota is increased.

Main screen

User interface

This is the screen on which your users arrive when they connect to the URL displayed on the player's screen or if they take a picture of the QR Code.

  • All the way up, you'll find information about the song currently being played, as well as a progress bar. You can find the language, title, series and type there.
  • In the upper left corner you'll find the search function, where you can type in something to filter the song list. It can be part of its title, series, singer's name, animation studio, production year, etc.
  • The four-leaf clover button will pick a random song from the database and add it to the current or public playlist depending on the mode. Use at your own risk! If you don't think you'll be that lucky, you can run a search to filter the list and then use the clover button to pick a song from your search results only.
  • In the Nickname field you can change your nickname so we all can know who added this difficult to sing song.
  • More to the right, this button will replace the progress bar with the currently displayed lyrics on screen. Useful if you want to sing even if you can't see the screen! This doesn't work with all songs just yet.
  • Below, you'll find the current, public or favorites playlist, as well as any other list the admin will allow you to see.
  • You can see more information on a specific song with this button. This also allows you to view the song lyrics () ! (this doesn't work with all songs just yet). You can also preview the first 15 seconds of a song or add it to your favorites. A filled star will mean the song is already in your favorites.
  • This button allows you to add the song to the public or current playlist depending on the karaoke mode settings.
  • This button allows you to add the song to your favorites.
  • This button allows you to view the first 15 seconds of a song.
  • In public mode, this button allows you to show the admin you like the song being suggested. The admin can thus see which songs are the most popular and put them in the current songs playlist (if he's a nice guy).

Search for a song

The search (with the magnifying glass ) can search through the following metadata of a song :

  • Title
  • Series
  • Type (OP1, OP2, ED1, IN, etc.)
  • Karaoke author
  • Who requested it (in playlists)
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Language
  • Tags (R18, Anime, Non-anime, video game, etc.)

Types and tags

To know more about tags, read the karaoke management section.

Admin panel

By connecting to http://<your_IP>:1337/admin you'll find the admin interface, which allows you to fine-tune your karaoke experience!

Admin view

  • img In the top left, you can switch between private and public karaoke mode
  • img You can also switch between playlist view and options panel
  • img : Stop player after the current song
  • img : Stop player immediately
  • img : Restart current song from the beginning
  • img : Previous song
  • img : Play or pause
  • img : Next song
  • img : Send a message to users on their devices or on the player's screen
  • img : Hide lyrics on screen! (if you're a bit of a sadist)
  • img : Set volume. Clicking on the speaker also mutes/unmutes the player.
  • img : This button completely shutdowns Karaoke Mugen!

Below, you have two windows with playlists, which will allow you to move/copy songs from one tot he other. img

Below each list, you'll find the number of songs in each list, its duration, and navigation buttons allowing you to move to the top, end, or to the currently playing song in the playlist. img

  • img : Displays playlist advanced options, like empty playlist, add all songs to another list...
  • img : Edit playlist information, like its name.
  • img : Shuffle playlist, for more fun and strange transitions!
  • img : Import a playlist from a .kmplaylist file.
  • img : Export a playlist to a .kmplaylist file.
  • img : Add x random songs to the destination playlist. Songs already in the current list won't be included.
  • img : Make this playlist the current one. This means the player will start playing songs from this list from now on.
  • img : Make this playlist the public one. In a public karaoke, this list becomes the suggestions list.
  • img : Make this playlist visible/invisible to users.
  • img : Empty this list.
  • img : Add all songs from this list to the other one.
  • img : Delete this playlist
  • img : Create an AutoMix playlist (go to advanced options img). You will have to choose the playlist duration and tick who is participating in the current karaoke so Karaoke Mugen can fetch their favorites and create the list.

On each song, you have several options :

  • img : Add this song to the other playlist (copy). A right click adds the song after the currently playing one instead of at the end of the playlist.
  • img : Move this song to the other playlist
  • img : This button changes the currently playing song. This allows you to quickly change to another song. Beware that the change is immediate.
  • img : Removes the song from this list