Here are the command line options for Karoke Mugen


Displays a help message


Displays current version


Starts Karaoke Mugen without any Electron window.


Displays debug messages in the console (these are normally only visible in the log files)


Generates a database then quits. This will overwrite the database if it exists.


Tests and validates karaoke found in the data folders (app/data by default). This is already done through generation. The only difference here is that it doesn't touch your existing database and can be faster.


Runs in test mode, used with the unit tests ran via the yarn test command (only for devs.)


Tourne en mode demo, utilisé pour la demo disponible depuis le site. Cela désactive l'interface d'admin, empêche les modifications de mot de passe et désactive le player.

--config file

Specify a config file to use. Replace file with any file you'd want to use instead of config.yml


Updates the karaoke base in your data folders and triggers a new database generation.


If used with --generate or --validate, this won't throw errors if video files can't be found. A single warning message will be displayed, at least.


Does not try to open a browser on launch.


If used with --generate or --validate, this will throw errors if .kara files are modified during the generation. (this means one or more metadata are wrong/missing)


Resets all user data. Warning, this will remove EVERYTHING, users, playlists, etc.


Displays profiling data in console


Enables SQL logs (in debug)


Creates a database backup in the karaokemugen.sql file and closes the app.


Restores a database backup from the karaokemugen.sql file and closes the app.

--forceAdminPassword <password>

Change the admin account's password. Replace <password> by what you want to set it to.


Only updates media files.


Do not check base files on startup. It allows for a faster startup if you're sure your files have not changed.


Do not start up the player on startup to save some time. The player will be started by KM whenever you'll need it.