Karaoke Management

This page describes how karaokes are handled in Karaoke Mugen, how to add, delete or edit them, etc.

First things first

To work, Karaoke Mugen needs karaokes. We'll call that a karaoke base. This is the set of video, lyrics and metadata files you own.

Don't confuse it with the Karaoke Mugen databases which are files generated by the software and store all the important data it needs to run.

What is a karaoke base

To import data and create its databases, Karaoke Mugen needs to know where to find your media, lyrics, and metadata files.

A karaoke base folder has three subfolders which are named by default :

  • karas : All the .kara.json files, which are metadata about your karaoke songs.
  • lyrics : All the .ass files, which are subtitles and the actual karaoke files.
  • medias : All the medias (.mkv/avi/webm/mp4/mp3/ogg...) used for karaoke.
  • series : All the .series.json files, which are metadata about your series
  • tags : All the .tag.json files, which are metadata about tags used in your kara files

Typically, you'll get a foledr structure like this :

  - data
     - karas
     - lyrics
     - medias
     - series
     - tags

These folders are configurable in the config.yml file. See the configuration section for more details. You can, for example, have videos on an external hard drive or network share to save space.

.kara.json files

This file stores metadata about your karaoke, it is mandatory : it tells Karaoke Mugen where your subtitle and video files are, as well as other information it needs to generate its database.

.kara.json files can be generated from Karaoke Mugen's control panel.


This database is created from your .kara and media files.

Karaoke Mugen uses it to hold data from your karaoke base to make it searchable.

Once the base is generated, the software only needs to read .ass and media files during runtime.

Generate a database

You can launch Karaoke Mugen with the --generate command line flag or go to the control panel to start a database generation.

This will take a few minutes depending on your computer's speed.

Editing/creating new karaoke files

.kara.json files

You can go to Karaoke Mugen's control panel to create a new karaoke file. In the karas dropdown menu, select "New karaoke" and fill the form.

A faw things to keep in mind :

  • Uploaded files will be renamed to fit the Karaoke Mugen naming convention. You don't have to rename them yourself (but you can if you enjoy wasting your time)
  • Files will be placed in your primary karas, lyrics, series, tags and medias folders. If you have several of those in your config.yml only the first one of each will be used to place files.
  • Adding a new karaoke song adds it to your database without you needing to regenerate it, allowing you to test it out at once.

Manage series and tags

In the series and tags menu you can manage series and tags. Add, edit, or remove them.

A few things to keep in mind :

  • Editing a series or tag will modify it inside all .kara.json files that contain it.
  • Removing a series or tag will remove it from all .kara.json files that contain it.