Installation from source

You can install Karaoke Mugen by downloading its source code.

  • Download a Karaoke Mugen version from its git repository through git clone or the ZIP archive provided by gitlab.
  • Unzip/place the Karaoke Mugen source code where there's enough free space.
  • Download mpv and place its executable in the app/bin folder or specify its path in the config file if you already have mpv installed on your system.
    • Version 0.25 is the minimum requirement (0.27 for macOS)
  • Download ffmpeg and place the ffmpeg executable in the app/bin folder.
    • Version 3.3.1 is the minimum requirement
  • Download nodeJS which is required for Karaoke Mugen to run.
    • Minimum version required is 10.9.x.
    • Install nodeJS once it's been downloaded
  • Download PostgreSQL

    • Minimum version required is 10.6. You can try with 9.x versions but it hasn't been battle tested.
    • You'll need to configure your database server for Karaoke Mugen to work. Modify the database.json file to point to your created database. See configuration
    • You need to create the unaccent extension in your Karaoke Mugen database (default is karaokemugen_app). For that connect to the database as superuser and run CREATE EXTENSION unaccent;
  • Open the command line (cmd, terminal, bash...) and go into the Karaoke Mugen folder. Then launch :

If yarn is not installed yet on your system, go to its website to install it.

Once yarn is installed :

yarn setup

yarn will install all necessary modules for Karaoke Mugen to work and build the React client. It can take from 1 to 5 minutes depending on your system's speed and your internet connection.

Once this is done, you can go to the getting started section!