Getting started

Karaoke Mugen is a karaoke management software.

Its main purpose is to provide to you and your guests a way to create a playlist and sing on top of it.

How it works

To sum it up

  • The app builds a database with the karaoke files present in its data folder (app/data by default)
  • A webserver is started on your computer: it allows your users to connect to it with their device and search through your karaoke database. It also allows them to add those they want to sing on. Two modes are available, private or public. Your users have to be on your Wifi network.
  • The admin, or DJ depending on how you want to call it, can manage the video player, pause, play, modify the playlist or change the karaoke configuration from another interface only available through its login/password
  • The world is saved!

Let's see how you can setup your first karaoke session.

Karaoke database

Before everything else, you'll need a karaoke database. You have several choices :

Create your own base

You can create your own karaoke base, go to manage your karaoke database, if you already have videos and .ass files of your own.

Use the samples

A group of 6 karaokes is bundled with the app in the samples folder. It is also automatically copied in the app/data folder if no karaoke is found.

Get an existing database

You can install the complete base in different ways :

Through the control panel

Go to the control panel and login with your admin user. (the one you created during the first run)

On the Karaokes menu, click Downloads and browse through the online database. You can do searches, add songs to the download queue, etc.

The Download All button will download ALL songs except the ones you already have.

The Upload All button will update songs you already have downloaded with (usually better!) versions from the online service when they're available.

WARNING : Video files take a lot of space (several hundreds of giga-bytes,) make sure you have enough disk space before launching the update.

You can quit Karaoke Mugen anytime and continue the update at a later time.

Through a manual download

You can get and use the community database through its git repository or by downloading the latest version (videos are downloaded later)

Use the git clone command to get the latest version through git and stay up to date. The zip archive cannot update itself.

Read more about the karaoke database git repository through its README file, namely how to download the video files.

Update the karaoke database

Read above on how to get the database, as it is roughly the same thing. You can also start Karaoke Mugen via the command-line with the --updateBase option.

Starting up

Binary download

Double-click on the Karaoke Mugen executable file on Windows or macOS and voilà!

Source download

You can start Karaoke Mugen through the command line / terminal. Go to the Karaoke Mugen folder and start the app with :

yarn start

First launch

Here's roughly what you should see in a window :

This is the console window. This is your friend and it will tell you everything that happens in Karaoke Mugen, even stuff you didn't want to know.

You can minimize it if it's bothering you of course.

  /\ /\__ _ _ __ __ _  ___ | | _____    /\/\  _   _  __ _  ___ _ __
 / //_/ _` | '__/ _` |/ _ \| |/ / _ \  /    \| | | |/ _` |/ _ \ '_ \
/ __ \ (_| | | | (_| | (_) |   <  __/ / /\/\ \ |_| | (_| |  __/ | | |
\/  \/\__,_|_|  \__,_|\___/|_|\_\___| \/    \/\__,_|\__, |\___|_| |_|

Karaoke Player & Manager -
Version 3.0.0-next (Leafa Lumineuse)
15:05:44 - info: [DB] Initializing database connection
15:05:44 - info: [DB] Running migrations if needed
15:05:44 - info: [Store] Comparing files and database data
15:05:44 - info: [Store] Found 7896 karas, 3472 series and 9319 tags
Checking files...     ██████████████████████████████ 100%
15:05:50 - info: Songs        : 7896 (10 day(s) 12 hour(s) 17 minute(s) 36 second(s) )
15:05:50 - info: Playlists    : 2
15:05:50 - info: Songs played : 0
15:05:57 - info: [Engine] Karaoke Mugen is READY

Admin password is : 8GOsgbbh
Please keep it in a safe place, it will not be displayed ever again.
To reset admin password, set App.FirstRun to true in config.yml

We can see the software initializes its components. In this example, as it doesn't find any karaoke database, it will create one from your app/data folder and what it contains.

Database generation can be real quick if you don't have many songs, but with the full database (about 5000 karaokes), it can take a few minutes, but that's not something you'll do very often. Depending on where the files are (SSD, HDD, or network share) it can take more or less time.

Guests users are automatically created on first startup, but you can add/delete some through the control panel.

On first launch, Karaoke Mugen will also open a web browser on the admin interface.


Karaoke Mugen stores its data in a PostgreSQL database you can find in app/db/postgres

The binary versions of Karaoke Mugen include a PostgreSQL server which is launched on startup so you don't have to worry about anything. You can still use your own PostgreSQL server if you'd like. You'll find more info in the configuration section.

When updating Karaoke Mugen, databases are updated as well without you having to worry about it.

What should I do when updating my karaokes

If you add/remove/modify karaokes, Karaoke Mugen will regenerate your database automatically.

You can still do it manually like this :

  • You can regenerate the database from the control panel with an admin account.
  • You can start Karaoke Mugen with the command line option --generate which will create a new database.


If generation was successful, the console window should display correct stats :

15:05:50 - info: Songs        : 7896 (10 day(s) 12 hour(s) 17 minute(s) 36 second(s) )
15:05:50 - info: Playlists    : 2
15:05:50 - info: Songs played : 0

Another window should also appear in the lower left corner of your screen with a wallpaper and connection info.


The URL at the bottom will allow your users to connect to the karaoke selection interface. This is your local network address. This is not your internet IP. Only people on your Wifi network can participate.

You can enable a short URL option in the settings page. It'll allow your users to go to which will make it easier for them to type when wanting to join your karaoke session. You and your users must be connected to the Internet for this to work.

By default, Karaoke Mugen is configured in PIP (Picture in Picture) mode. The video player will play your karaokes in a small window so you can test things out. To get it to go full screen, you'll have to buy the license key... wait, no. You'll need to configure the app.

This PIP mode is perfect for tests or to have some background music while you work on something else.

Exiting the app

You can do it from the admin panel by clicking the button in the top right corner.

Force Karaoke Mugen to exit

Hit CTRL+C in the console window to close the app (or close its window).

Video player

The video player used is mpv, which you can find on its website,

Here are some useful key shortcuts :

  • ESC : Leave fullscreen
  • Q : Exit player (this does not exit Karaok Mugen!)
  • Left/Right arrow : Forward/Rewind in a video
  • Up/Down arrow : Forward/Rewind faster in a video
  • F : Switch between fullscreen and windowed mode. Karaoke Mugen keeps the player open between two songs, this setting will thus stay as long as you don't quit the app. The player will in windowed mode again on next startup unless you go change the setting itself.
  • Mouse wheel up/down : Change volume (Mouse cursor must be over the window)

These keys only work if you have "focus" on the video player. Click inside the window to get focus.

You can also move the window around on your screen. By default it is always on top, but this can be changed.


Public interface

Go to the URL displayed on the video player's wallpaper! You'll get to see this :

Public interface example

You can of course add songs from there and check out the current playlist, but you can't start the player, as only the admin can!

Admin interface

You can reach it using the following URL from your machine or another one : http://<your_ip>:1337/admin. Check out the player's wallpaper to get your IP address.

Admin interface example

You can easily manage the player from the admin panel and your various playlists. You can see here that we have a list of all the available songs on the left, and our current playlist on the right.

Try to add karaokes in the current playlist and click on Play !

For more information on, check out the web interfaces section!


You can create as many playlists as you want. these lists can be useful to prepare for karaoke sessions and parties, or listen to various songs depending on your mood.

A playlist can have as many songs as you want, but a song can only be present once in a list.

Two playlists are mandatory :

Public playlist

The public playlist is a suggestions list. It's mainly used in the public karaoke mode (see below). If you use the private mode (default) you don't need to bother with it.

Current playlist

This is the main playlist! It contains the songs Karaoke Mugen is going to read and play.

In a private mode karaoke (default), songs chosen by your users are added to this list.


Karaoke Mugen has a blacklist system with criterias.

Songs in the blacklist won't appear anymore in the karaoke list users can see. Admins can still see them though.

You can add songs directly to the blacklist, but you can also define criterias to automatically add a set of songs. Once they are defined, Karaoke Mugen will generate a new blacklist for you.ous.

Criterias are :

  • Karaoke : Adds a unique song
  • Titre contains : Title contains the specified word (example "Gundam").
  • Longer/shorter than : All songs longer or shorter than the specified value (in seconds) will be blacklisted. Useful for AMVs or long songs.
  • Tags : Ban by specific tag (as opposed to ban if tag contains a word).
  • Singer
  • Type : Ban by type (Opening, Ending, Clip, AMV, etc.).
  • Creator
  • Kara author : Ban by the name of the karaoke author
  • Language : Ban by language
  • Misc : Ban by misc tag (Concert, Video game, R18, etc.).
  • Songwriter : Ban by songwriter

All songs present in the whitelist are ignored when generated the blacklist.


You can add songs to this list. These won't be taken into account when generating the blacklist. For example you might want to ban all mecha anime but keep King Gainer.


Every user has a favorites list in which the admin can pick songs they'd like to add to the current playlist if needed.

AutoMix lists

Admins can create special playlists called AutoMix. These are made from all favorites from logged in users.

Karaoke Modes

Two modes are available depending on what kind of users you have. The mode can be changed anytime.

Private mode

This is the default mode.

In private, you're there, sitting with your friends, and you'd like to enjoy some karaoke : you know who you're singing with. Every song added through the public interface goes to the current playlist and will be played one after the other without the admin having to do anything.

This is the simplest way to enjoy karaoke.

Public mode

You're facing a crowd, with people you might not know very well, or you don't want everyone to just add any song they wish to the playlist.

This is what the public is for!

In this mode, instead of going into the current playlist, songs added by your users go to the public playlist. See it as a suggestions list : it's up to you to add songs that you think are best to the current playlist.

The public mode has a few interesting features :

Public vote

Want to let the public choose their songs? Public vote can be enabled in the admin interface and allows users to vote for songs they wish to be added next. The public interface will display a window asking users to vote for the song they'd like. Songs are selected from the public playlist.

If no song is the clear winner, a random song will be chosen amonog the ones with the most votes.

This is an ideal mode if you don't want to bother with choosing songs.


When checking out the public playlist, users can like a particular song to tell the admin they'd like to see it play soon. This allows the admin to get a better idea of which songs are more popular.

As every user has a limited number of songs they can add during a karaoke session, if the song it requested (the first Naruto opening for example) gets liked enough, it won't count anymore in the user's quota. The user who requested the song can then request another song freely without having to wait for the opening to be played on screen. This free song mechanic can be entirely configured.

Admins can free songs manually so users can regain quota.


Every user can now have an account in the app. This account is local and bound to your karaoke instance. It contains a profile and the list of your favorite songs.

You only need a username and password to create an account.

Your username cannot be changed once created, but your display name can.

If you don't wish to create an account, you can click on "Continue as guest" so Karaoke Mugen can assign a guest account to you.

Guests cannot change their names and don't have a favorites list. They also can't like songs.

Learn more

Check out configuration, web itnerface and karaoke management to learn more!