Here are a list of frequently asked questions about issues you might have with Karaoke Mugen.

I lost my admin password! I closed the tutorial bafore saving the pasword!

Don't panic. If it's your first start and the console is still open, check out if the following message is still there :

Admin password is : XXXXXXXX
Please keep it in a safe place, it will not be displayed ever again.
To reset admin password, set appFirstRun to 1 in config.yml

And voilĂ , you've revovered your password. Otherwise open the config.yml and look for the firstRun setting. Change it's value from false to true. Close the application. Launch Karaoke Mugen to read again completely the tutorial and create a new admin account. You can afterward, thanks to this new account, come back into the management interface of the options to reinitialise the password of your old account.

My karaokes list is empty or incomplete.

It can be a normal thing, either it's your first launch of the software, either you've incorrectly modified an option.

If it's your first launch, it will display the existings karas in the samples folder.

Alternatively, if you have followed the starting guide, and that you get the existing base, it should display the existings karas into the app/data folder.

If you have a different folder to store your karaokes, so verify the content of the config.yml file. You should find inside a PathMedias = "app/data/medias" line.

Verify that this line show a path to the right folder containing your videos or audio files. Do it again with the PathKaras and PathSubs variables.

You cannot modify those path from the administration interface, since they're used at the start.

.kara and .ass files are in place but still nothing happens

Make sure that you restarted Karaoke Mugen, it should take into account the new files

I have everything set up, but the video window is black/blue.

Your graphics card does not support OpenGL. There's an option in the config file to switch to Direct3D under Windows.

If you have a config.yml file, open it and add the following : mpvVideoOutput=direct3d.

How much space is needed for Karaoke Mugen?

The software should take abotu 200 Mb of disk space, but the karaoke database is about 170 Gb big.

Can I download only part of the base?

For now that is not possible, but an issue is open for that. If you think you can help, don't hesitate!

Errors during database generation


This means you have two .kara files sharing the same KID in your base. KIDs are supposed to be unique, so make sure you don't have a dupe .kara file or a .kara file copied from an existing one where the KID line hasn't been removed.

Media file not found

Make sure you have all videos and other media, and verify that it isn't misspelled in the .kara file or on your filesystem.