Help with code

Karaoke Mugen is free software to manage your karaoke sessions.

How to :

Tell us about a bug

  • Create an issue on Shelter's Lab.
  • Join your logfile (karaokemugen.log) and/or screenshots.
  • Describe your bug with as much detail as possible! It helps so we know how to reproduce it and fix it. Help us helping you!

Code for Karaoke Mugen

  • Karaoke Mugen is made in NodeJS and requires version 8. The codebase is transpiled with Babel.
  • May you be a beginner or an expert, or may you have never touched NoedJS before, you're welcome: few of us knew about NodeJS before beginning to code this project. If you're new to this, nodeschool is a good place to start.
  • If you want to start browsing the code, don't hesitate to come by our Discord to ask questions on the #dev channel. We'll be listening.
  • It takes some time to check out someone else's code. Don't expect to understand everything at once.
  • We have a few on-going issues. If you'd like to help, don't hesitate!