Creating a karaoke

You do not find your favorite opening in the Karaoke Mugen's data and this makes you very sad? We've got a solution!

Well before everything: check twice that the song isn't already in the database.

  • Search this site which compiles all of the available karaokes. Search to find out if your opening is actually in the database (or not).
  • There's also the WORLD base, which has non-otaku songs (mainly mainstream songs)

  • Search as well on the database's git. There, you will find all current issues and the data pertaining to those. Look well if there was no request created recently for your karaoke. If you found it and find that someone assigned himself to it, it means he plans to create it. Do not hesitate to ask the person (by leaving a comment) if he/she is still working on it, especially when it's been a while since there wasn't any update for the karaok√© issue.

I double-checked, there's nothing!

If your opening's not in the database, you have two options: either you submit an issue via this form with the "Kara request" template, and hope that a brave soul does it for you... or you make it on your own! It's simple and we're going to explain it in that tutorial.

Create your karaoke

It's advised to follow the instructions in the given order.

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